seo-imageIn this day and age, there is quite a huge potential of business online, a reason why most entrepreneurs are setting up websites and seeking efforts to capitalize on dominating the search engines for better business. The truth is, a good research on keywords is important as those and content is what is mainly looked by search engines to rank pages. Here are a few considerations to make as you conduct such a research.

Understand your target market

In the world of today, people are looking for solutions online, instead of having to physically present themselves in shops or business premises. Therefore, they require that the sites they visit be ready with solutions for them. How then do you know what your target market specifically wants? A good keyword research can give you such information. With this, you can be able to effectively use these phrases that your target audience is in consistent search for, to generate or increase traffic to your site. You should also have an understanding of using primary keywords in conjunction with secondary phrases, alternatives and long-tail keywords.

Keyword value and relevance to your business

Are the keywords you consider using relevant to your business? If so, what value do they have in terms of traffic generation and sales conversion? Website analytics tools can give you such information, which you can effectively employ on your SEO campaigns. Either way, it is crucial that your choice of key terms be relevant to your line of business too, to be strong enough to convert traffic into digits.

Simplicity or complexity

Understanding of keyword complexity is one of the most important aspects of your research on how to effectively use SEO to promote your business. Knowing how to put your important phrases and how to spread them in your content is very important. This is essential for instance because people are different, so as internet users. When one person searches for the phrase ‘rain shoes’, another one might search for ‘shoes for a rainy day’. In as much as these mean one and the same thing, the way search engines interpret them might be slightly different as they check for specificity with priority over relevance.

Have you tried keyword analysis tools?

There are a number of keyword analysis tools online, which you can use for a better and more effective market research. Some of them can be bought or downloaded for free, where as some service providers provide online solutions, depending on your web host. Google ad words planning tool, ads intelligence from MS Bing, and Google trends are just but some examples. Some of these applications are able to collect comparative metrics, including information on terms or key phrases used by your competitors. You can be able to discover untapped terms and phrases, and use them successfully in your SEO strategies to boost your traffic and website visibility.


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