The Benefits of Search Engine Marketing for Lawyers

search engine marketing for lawyersLegal services are a shining example of professionalism. In this case, the client is not interested in the service itself, as there are many similar offerings on the market, but the experience and competence of a particular lawyer who will deal with their case. Accordingly, the more effectively you will be able to deal with your clients, the more successful your business becomes as a whole.

Let’s look into three main marketing concepts that will make your legal services successful:

SEO for lawers marketing methodology
– Website that actually sells your services
– Image-making

1) Why is search engine marketing for lawyers and attorneys so important? There is a myth that legal SEO marketing methods are very expensive. But let’s take a practical look at how you can do legal business marketing for free.

There are several important strategic points. Please, consider them:

– Services are not material.

It is difficult for a client to choose a lawyer, so the service itself by its very nature is immaterial. This gives rise to fears on the client’s behalf, for example, how to distinguish one layer from another? Your marketing should specifically focus on your advantages over your competitors.

– Personal PR.

Legal SEO marketing involves the lawyer’s personal PR. The more well-known the expert in the market is, the higher their fee is, and it is much easier to attract new clients.

– Events.

Web lectures and conferences have a beneficial effect on attracting new clients. Workshops could attract many new people. One successful workshop can easily draw a few clients.

– Writing articles.

Articles have a positive effect on the increase of the popularity of any lawyer. Articles can be published both in the press and online. Write regularly and focus on matters that are hard to resolve – this will give an extra validity to you as a professional.

– Social networks.

Social networks have long been effective mechanisms to attract customers. Talk to people directly and have them tell their stories. Also, reply as much as you can – people value every bit of attention.

– Blogs.

Blog for a lawyer, in fact, is a must. Blog filled with quality and interesting material will be able to significantly increase the number of your clientèle.

– Working with partners.

Find a partner or a few and ask them to cooperate, make joint lectures and the effectiveness of your marketing will grow at least two times.

2) Search engines statistics show that requests for the keyword “lawyer” grow quickly every year. One of the fundamental means of attracting clients online is a website of your own. How to use it in the most effective way? How to make the site of an attorney or a lawyer to sell their services?

Here are steps that will make your website work for you:

– Photos.

You need a good understanding of the first impression you make on your customers. You need high-quality, professional photos. Preferably made in the studio in a classic suit. You need to look stylish, and expensive.

– Description of services.

Describe the services briefly but succinctly. What is required for clients to start working with you? Why do clients need to choose you and not your competitors? Describe everything in clear, simple language. Avoid large amounts of text. Ideally – entrust the job to professionals, such as skilled copywriters.

– Online Video Consultations.

Record your video consultations and post them on your website. In this way answer the most frequently asked questions. Remember, the video on the website is working for you 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

– Articles.

Write as much as you can. Ask to post your articles on huge resources with a back-link to your site. Publish only unique material on your site that cannot be found anywhere else.

– Online chat.

When you have a lot of clients who visit your site and want to ask questions immediately – it will be a great idea to hire a secretary that could answer questions online. It will allow you to effectively communicate with your visitors.

– Demonstrate experience

It is important to demonstrate your vast experience. Describe your experience. What cases you have been involved and what kind of results have been achieved.

Your website is your virtual office. Money and time invested in a quality site return ten fold.

3) Why are some professionals earn ten times more than other professionals? How to market your expertise properly?

Any kind of professional business service is based on your ability to solve your client’s problems. The more serious a problem is, the higher the requirements are. Such clients want to put their problems in the hands of true experts. Obtaining the status of an expert is a powerful mechanism to attract rich clients into your business.

– Narrow specialization. Remember, the narrower specialization, the higher the income. When choosing a specialization you need to evaluate whether you will have enough clients within the chosen field.

– Join an online community of professionals in your field. This is the fastest method to gain experience and increase your expertise.

– Start writing articles. The expert always shares information. Write articles, post them on your own blog and blogs of your business partners. Suggest your article in the print media.

– Write a book. When a client learns that you’ve published a book, no matter if it’s digital only or printed version, you will immediately gain a high status in their eyes. Also, you will research massive amounts of material for your book, which will give you a lot of useful information.

– Conduct public events. Try as much as possible to speak publicly. Seminars, conferences, round tables – all of these are constant attributes of an expert.

– Professional awards. The more titles and awards you have, the more your clients will appreciate you and see you as an expert.

The most important thing – you must demonstrate the success that your clients can achieve with your help. Collect feedback and case studies of your work – all this tremendously effects your image as an expert.

It is important to understand that you cannot become an expert in one day. It is a long and painstaking work that requires your diligence and attention. Concentrate on it, you are investing in the development of your business. It is difficult and time-consuming, but these investments will come back to you in the form of a lot of new clients.


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