Video Marketing on Youtube is Essential to Business Success

video marketing on youtubeMarketing is one of the key components to any business. In order for the cash register to ring customers have to be able to find the business. Youtube has leveled the playing field for small businesses around the world. This is why it is so beneficial for business owners to utilize video marketing on Youtube. There are so many features that are accessible to businesses. All they need to do is to put in the time to build their channel. Content is the currency of the web. When content adds value to the lives of people it can be very lucrative for any business that decides to create great content. Here are some features and benefits of using Youtube for marketing purposes.

Build a Presence In the Midst of the Buyers

The internet is a large place. Youtube boasts billions of users on a daily basis. According to, Youtube users consume an aggregate total of 4 billion hours of video content on a monthly basis. This is means that there is an abundant supply of buyers for businesses everywhere. There are literally millions of people who are searching for a particular niche item that they may not able to find locally. The fact is that people live hectic lifestyles. Often times, they do not have extra hours to spend searching for a solution to their problems or to find the perfect service provider to fulfill their need. They need a quick answer and fast. Youtube connects that buyer with the business owner that is 100 miles away that has exactly what that customer needs.

The customer is only able to find the retailer because of a search on Youtube. The retailer has built up a presence on Youtube by adding video after video that is loaded with valuable content. The more content that a business has uploaded to Youtube the more likely their potential customer will be able to find them.

Cost Effectiveness

Many startup businesses begin on a shoestring budget. They do not have millions of dollars for advertising. The best part about Youtube is that it is free. There are no fees associated with video uploads. Literally, a business owner can make thousands of videos with thousands of variations of keywords free of charge. It just depends on how much work the business owner would like to put in.

There are some video sites that charge a monthly fee for the site to host videos that are uploaded to their server. Youtube does not do that. Free is a great benefit to any business owner.

Brand Recognition

Youtube has allowed small businesses to create any perception that their mind can dream up. It does not matter if the business is housed in a garage or in a swank downtown building. What matters is the quality of the video.

Professionalism and consistency is the key to mastering the perception of a grandiose business. This means that the video should have a bumper with the logo in the beginning and ending of the video. Doing this helps to create brand recognition. People become aware of a business by their brand and what it represents. Youtube allows businesses to expand their brand recognition to the masses by giving them to freedom to promote themselves however they chose.

Customer Feedback

Nowadays, social media sites such as Youtube make it mandatory that businesses be transparent. They also provide an open forum for people to give their opinions on products and services rendered by businesses. If a business owner takes the time to pay attention to customer feedback then they can uncover unmet needs in the market.

They may also be able to see exactly what is contributing the increase their bottom line. This capability enables businesses to focus on more of what is necessary to keep their customers happy. Customers pay the bills of the organization, and they should be heard. Youtube is another avenue that allows customers to communicate their likes, dislikes, and desires with the companies that they do business with.

Tracking and Analytical Capabilities

In the book Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, there is mention of how winners are effective trackers. In order for a business to know where they are going, they need to know where they have been. It is very difficult to do that if there is no tracking or analytics present. One benefit to using video marketing on Youtube is that it allows businesses to see how many people viewed their video, where they viewed it from, and how much of the video they viewed.

Business owners can also measure their marketing efforts outside of Youtube by the fluctuations in viewership on various days. For example, if a Youtube video was promoted on Facebook for 2 days, a business owner is able to see whether this promotion impacted their viewership at all. Tracking and analytics are essential to any business and Youtube has these essential tools available to use.

Rank for Keywords with Ease

Just a few years ago businesses had to write hundreds if not thousands of articles and link them back to their site with hopes of getting ranked in the top 10 of Google. Today, writing articles does not yield the same result as it did 5 years ago.

The internet has changed drastically. People want to consume content quickly and on demand. Youtube makes this possible now. Youtube is also a great alternative to paying for SEO articles and fancy SEO software. This is because SEO is now synonymous with social media. If a website does not have a social media presence it is going to be quite difficult to find the site in the Google search. Google crawls social media sites constantly. Many article sites were deemed as content farms, and they were slapped out of the top rankings.

Millions of top ranked Google listings are Youtube pages. Creating some videos with variations of a keyword will give a business owner better search engine rankings with less time and effort.

Video marketing on Youtube should be on top of the marketing strategy for all businesses. There are so many amazing features and benefits to take advantage of. Harnessing the power of Youtube translates to more dollars and a strong customer base.


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